Veloxum, Leader in Virtual Business Performance Management, Appoints Chris Cicchetti Vice President of Marketing and Casey Swan Vice President of Global Sales



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Chris and Casey will both play critical roles during this period of explosive growth in the virtualization infrastructure optimization industry, Kevin Cornell, CEO of Veloxum

Veloxum â„¢ Corporation, a performance management company, today announced that Chris Cicchetti has been promoted to Vice President of Marketing in charge of Veloxum’s Global Branding and Marketing, and that Casey Swan has been appointed. vice president of global sales.

Veloxum President Kevin Cornell promotes two senior executives: Chris Cicchetti appointed Vice President of Marketing in charge of Veloxum’s Global Branding and Marketing and Casey Swan as Vice President of Global Sales.

Cicchetti and Swan will report directly to Kevin Cornell, CEO of Veloxum.

Cicchetti will be responsible for positioning the Veloxum brand and products globally, including marketing, marketing communications (mar-com) and sales support for their physical and virtual server optimization products, in addition to marketing. leading partners and resellers.

Swan will be responsible for the day-to-day execution of the Veloxum marketplace and will serve as the primary business liaison with Veloxum’s direct sales force, as well as its growing global network of Value Added Resellers (VARs) and distributors.

“This is an important and exciting time for Veloxum as we continue to grow and work closely with our advanced IT customers and reseller-distributors to introduce our active continuous optimization (ACO) -based products, which improve the performance and density of our customers’ virtualized solutions. virtual servers and desktop environments, which helps reduce total cost of ownership (TCO), ”said Kevin Cornell, CEO of Veloxum. “It requires the kind of world-class management team that we now have in place. “

“Chris’s strong marketing and technical background, along with his ability to communicate complex ideas in layman’s terms, has brought Veloxum the level of customer-centric knowledge and marketing capabilities that our customers and partners expect from a leader. world of technology. I will look to Casey, with his experience selling global businesses and twenty years of consistent business success, to lead our global sales efforts.

Prior to joining Veloxum, Cicchetti served as Marketing Director for the Network Tools group of Finisar Corporation, which provided test, measurement and monitoring equipment for the storage networking industry. At Finisar, he also served as Director of Application Development, managing the company’s software engineering department, where he led product development and provided technical management. Cicchetti’s twelve years of engineering, design, development and marketing experience at Finisar has provided him with a unique depth of technical computer and networking knowledge that he uses to effectively communicate the benefits of IT optimization. Cicchetti holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Rochester and a Masters in Electrical Engineering, with a concentration in Digital Signal Processing (DSP), from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

Swan has 25 years of global channel sales and management experience in start-ups and multinational organizations. He brings to Veloxum a solid background in selling consulting solutions, as well as expertise in performance optimization, IT services and network hardware / software. His leadership roles have included Director of Sales at MKSI, Vice President of Global Sales at Yield Dynamics (acquired by MKS Instruments), Vice President of Sales at Wavecrest Corporation, as well as Director of Sales roles at Schlumberger / NPTest ( acquired by Credence Systems) and Ascension des communications. Swan holds a BS in Business Management / Electrical Engineering from San Jose State University and participated in the Stanford Executive Program on Supply Chain Strategies and Leadership.

ACO-based Veloxum optimization for physical and virtualized server infrastructure

Veloxum’s Active Continuous Optimization (ACO) process, which drives its “Veloxum for Enterprise” software, uses patent-pending algorithms to calculate optimal server configuration parameters that improve all aspects of virtual server performance and physical. Veloxum’s software automatically implements and saves these configurations, acting as an ongoing “tune-up” service to keep server configurations optimized, all without requiring any user intervention or specialist skills.

About Veloxum

Veloxum’s founders started the company with a vision to apply active and continuous optimization to manage complex IT environments for optimal performance and usability. Veloxum actively and continuously optimizes the infrastructure of physical and virtual servers by optimizing operating system and application parameters. It takes advantage of existing systems and infrastructure by adjusting their various components within the parameters supported by the manufacturer. The solution enables IT organizations to optimize performance, increase workload density and minimize virtualization costs, dramatically reducing CAPEX and OPEX expenses.

Clients such as Adecco, Baron Funds, Beeline, CGB Group, Deutsche Bank, US Department of Energy, Fortress and ISI Financial, Maimonides, PPC and The Washington Post enjoy significant savings with Veloxum. Veloxum, headquartered in Scotts Valley, California, was founded in September 2007.

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