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Virtual Enterprise Limited is changing the way small and medium businesses operate in the Caribbean through their virtual call center operations.

Having started in Jamaica almost 10 years ago, Virtual Enterprise is a pocket saver for their clients.

After going through the initial registration phase, businesses need to get a phone number and address, among other things, a process that can sometimes be very tedious.

Having gone through this tedious process himself, Patrick Williams, CEO of Virtual Enterprise Limited, says his company aims to make the process easier for other businesses by helping them have their own virtual phone number and business address.

The wide range of services offered by Virtual Enterprise include a live operator to answer business calls and route them accordingly, electronic fax which delivers all faxes to the customer’s email address and allows them to send messages. faxes from any location, meeting space and a company address.

For small and medium-sized businesses, the money-saving possibilities offered by Virtual Enterprise are endless and many companies are adapting to the trend. Williams says the company’s customer base includes not only new businesses, but also “business owners who have decided to close their offices and go virtual because of the benefit of lowering their overheads, including personnel costs “.

Due to the great success of Virtual Enterprise Limited in Jamaica and the rewarding benefits it offers to its customers, Williams says this has prompted them to expand their business to six other Caribbean countries: Trinidad, Cayman Islands, Bahamas , Barbados, Grenada and Republic of Dominica.

The Virtual Enterprise limited team is waiting for you to help you.

Whether you are a new business or just looking for more economical ways of operating, contact Virtual Enterprise Limited at 960-1004, 786-349-2600 or visit the website at

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