The digital enterprise is already a reality: Roland Busch of Siemens AG


In the digital age, new Internet of Things (IoT) -based business models are succeeding in creating customer value through speed and scale, said Roland Busch, COO, CTO and board member of administration of Siemens AG. Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) can potentially give Indian industry a huge boost.

“India is a key market and plays an important role in our global digitization strategy. We are seeing an acceleration in customer interest and demand for our digitization portfolio, ”he told Sudhir Chowdhary in a recent interview. Extracts:

How important is India to Siemens? How well positioned are you to meet the technological and manufacturing needs of the country?
India is a key target market and plays an important role in our global digitization strategy. Software research and development in India, coupled with the focus on startup innovations through Next47, will actively stimulate the implementation of cutting-edge technologies. We feel very comfortable with our footprint in India; we have a lot of engineers here, there are 22 manufacturing sites for Siemens here, and there is a strong customer base. We have a very strong digital offer which is also part of the local competence. We have experienced 10% growth over the past five years and are on a trajectory of strong growth.

What are the key priorities and growth drivers for Siemens in 2019?
We are seeing growth in the industrial space, that is to say any type of manufacturing industry, from 4 to 4.5%. We are seeing a slight downturn in the auto sector, mainly driven by China and tax talks, but we are seeing a recovery in food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and oil and gas. Then we have basic growth in smart cities or smart infrastructure for cities. We are seeing a growth rate for high voltage systems and mobility space, a nice growing market; it’s not exceptionally high or low but very stable growth, says 3-3.5%, where we have proven that we can capture market share.

How have customer feelings changed with the advent of digital?
Customers now understand that digitization is something they need to do, whether in terms of deploying technology in the R&D space to grow faster, in the manufacturing space to simulate the manufacturing sides of digital twins, or even in an operational space. This trend of adopting digital technologies crosses all markets.

Big Data and AI will give Industry 4.0 a huge boost. Smart software solutions can use the high volumes of data to identify trends and patterns which can then be used to make manufacturing processes more efficient and reduce energy consumption. Intelligent software with sufficiently intelligent analysis technology is already available. MindSphere, the open cloud-based IoT operating system from Siemens, can be used to link products, factories, systems and machines. The digital twin enables virtual testing of a variety of scenarios and promotes intelligent decisions in areas such as production optimization.

Industry 4.0 is the new buzzword, how can Big Data and AI give it a boost?
AI and Big Data are a big part of Industry 4.0 and it goes hand in hand and sits in the middle. The basic idea of ​​digitization or Industry 4.0 is that you can make meaningful use of the data you capture; storage is cheaper, you have more processing power, and you can easily deploy algorithms and create value from them, thus increasing your uptime, reducing your time to market, testing time, and more.

How can AI positively impact productivity in India?
The key point now is that you have the data and processing power available that makes these algorithms work and they can deploy them in India or any other location, be it in the manufacturing or infrastructure space. .

The industry is becoming more and more digital; the digital enterprise is already a reality. Digital twins have been used for some time to structure the planning and design of products and machines, as well as the production operations themselves, and to do so more flexibly and efficiently while manufacturing high-quality, customized products. quality faster and at an affordable price. But what if machines and processes could gather information and optimize their processes during actual operation? The potential is enormous. The good news is that this can already be done, step by step, using AI.

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