SYNERGY4S – The world’s first crypto and NFT social enterprise

A short interview with the founders

Interviewer: “How was Synergy4S born?”

Founder (Didier Paradisi): “It all started with a great day of hiking. The sun was shining and the landscape had a mix of golden and green hues that made the view magical. It was like we were on another planet.

We started talking about blockchain technology and imagined that this whole awesome landscape might change if this technology becomes the norm in such an unsustainable way. Pollution could be unbearable for global ecosystems.

At that time, we had just realized that this technology, combined with our knowledge of sustainability, could allow us to create a community ecosystem that spreads sustainability on a global scale. Our model allows everyone to contribute to sustainable development even without knowing it, simply by interacting in any way within the ecosystem.

This is how the idea of ​​Synergy 4S was born, exactly 9 months ago!

Interviewer: “Can we describe Synergy4S in a few words?”

Founder: “It’s an ecosystem of new crypto and NFT services (across multiple industries) being used to connect this promising blockchain technology to real-world use cases. We will use 85% of the revenue for sustainability projects to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which we will roll out around the world. Of the remaining 15%, 10% will go to keeping Synergy4S carbon negative and only 5% to team members. »

Interviewer: “Why would people need Synergy4S?”

Founder: “We are all starting to care deeply about sustainability and everyone is realizing the dangers of climate change. Blockchain technology is being adopted massively. Unsustainable adoption of such technology could lead to destructive development. We all need an established entity that offers blockchain services to everyone and guarantees full sustainability.

Interviewer: “How does Synergy4S plan to turn this idea into reality?”

Founder: “We are now renaming our website and have just published our green papers. The developers are very busy checking contracts and testing the environment to be ready for launch! We are also preparing NFT badges with several benefits for the community. Stay tuned next week in our social networks for the article that we will publish on how we will start everything!!!

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