Social housing: how a social enterprise shelters thousands of people

“We are very proud of the recent accomplishments through GLA funding that we have had while on the street. We were able to house homeless people in housing,” he said.

“Our success lies in ensuring that we provide very high quality accommodation that meets the long-term housing needs of these most vulnerable clients.”

In Cromwood’s latest report, they highlighted the increase in the number of vulnerable communities seeking help during the pandemic, and in particular victims of domestic violence. In 2020, Cromwood provided housing for around 1,020 homeless people, 1,502 asylum seekers and 104 victims of domestic violence.

But poor management of social housing across the UK has left many families living in appalling conditions. A recent example is Dawn Page and her 11-year-old daughter who had human waste dripping down their walls in their south London flat.

Housing campaigner Kwajo Tweneboa shed light on Dawn’s case and documented the harsh realities of London’s social housing crisis.

“The condition of Dawn’s property is one of the worst I’ve seen after speaking to and visiting hundreds of public housing residents,” Kwajo told The Big Issue in December 2021 when interviewed. on the terms of Dawn’s ownership.

The failure of landlords – whether councils or housing associations – to provide safe accommodation for London’s most vulnerable communities makes Cromwood’s efforts all the more urgent, but his work with the sans -shelter is considered equally important. During the pandemic, the government provided shelter for the homeless under the Everybody program, but Murphy argues it shouldn’t be a one-off.

“Covid has given the opportunity not to lose them on the streets – that needs to happen in the future, making sure the whole avenue for rough sleepers is there,” Murphy said.

And that support is one of Murphy’s proudest accomplishments.

“I think that’s how we’ve been able to grow in a way that makes sure we provide housing to those who need it most,” he said. “We’re getting into new developments that we haven’t done before, it’s exciting.”

Last month, Cromwood announced it had received additional funding from the GLA, enabling them to purchase 140 one-bedroom properties across London and Greater Manchester for the homeless.

The expansion will allow them to enrich the lives of these vulnerable groups by allowing them to call somewhere home.

“These vulnerable groups, sometimes people feel like we can’t accommodate them because of all the risks. For me, the awards are so beautiful to see…it’s that feeling that you’ve made a real contribution,” Murphy said.

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