Social enterprises hold the fall market


A husband and wife from Minesing strive to create employment opportunities through their independent social enterprises.

Emily Day is the owner of Fleurish, a social enterprise flower studio. The company works to train and support women facing barriers to employment.

“So we hire, train and support women facing barriers to employment through the beauty of working with flowers,” Day explains. “So we teach them all aspects of working and running a small business in a really safe environment of a small community of women where they can thrive and be supported.”

Day was inspired by her husband Brandon, owner of Community Builder’s, a social enterprise that strives to provide affordable housing.

“We share this similarity of trying to help others across all businesses,” Day says. “So we just try to work together as much as possible, and we connect with each other just to spread the love, to spread the word.”

On Saturday, the two business owners joined other local entrepreneurs to run a fall market. After a difficult year, the goal was to help business owners while hosting a raffle to raise money for a training program.

“When we have markets like this, it just gives us a chance to meet more people in our community, bring in more people and tell them what we’re doing, and hopefully they become a client and will be attending some of our events and will be a part of supporting some of these women, ”Day says.

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