Social enterprise leaders encourage mass testing

DAILY Covid-19 infections in the Philippines continue to soar due to the Delta variant, and the economic cost continues to cripple industries and individuals. The public is calling for new, longer-term strategies and concrete solutions. And all eyes are now on mass testing to help reopen and recover the economy.

“The studies supporting mass testing as a sound strategy for reopening communities and businesses are broad and deep. The missing pillar in the country’s Covid-19 strategy is the provision of reliable, rapid and affordable diagnostic tests” , said Dr. Werner Liepach, former director. General for West and Central Asia of the Asian Development Bank, who has lived in the Philippines for more than 29 years.

“We have worked with the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change to develop a viable program for our country. Under such a program, a reliable antigen test kit, administered regularly and frequently, is combined with a platform form to analyze data in real time – all three must be present for a mass testing strategy to work in the Philippines,” explained Dr Liepach.

This led to the formation of Biological Life Sciences (BLS), a local social enterprise that provides innovative solutions to accelerate the reopening of the economy through programmatic testing of businesses, schools and communities.

Local company Biologic Life Sciences has partnered with global players to bring best practices to the country, including competitively priced/high quality rapid antigen test kits paired with the exclusive Beacon Health Pass app from BLS, an end-to-end cloud-based system designed to capture antigen test kit results on users’ smartphones while providing real-time data and analytics to businesses and individuals.

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