Social enterprise forum held in Tamale to unleash the wealth creation potential of women


Africa Skills Hub, in partnership with Norsaac Ghana, Social Enterprise Ghana and Northern Development Authority, organized the Social Enterprise Forum on the theme “Unlocking the Wealth Creation Potential for Women through Social Entrepreneurship”.

The event held at the Mariam Hotel in Tamale on August 31, 2021 brought together key stakeholders who came together to discuss an action plan to catalyze the social entrepreneurship ecosystem of the northern region of Ghana.

In attendance were speakers from the Africa Skills Hub (ASH), Norsaac Ghana, the Northern Development Authority and Social Enterprise Ghana, who discussed and shared their knowledge and expertise, as well as the exclusive approach of other actors keys to tackling the theme with the support of Global Affairs Canada. funding.

The food and beverage industry has been identified by ASH as one of the largest sectors of wealth creation for women in Tamale who venture into entrepreneurship to improve their economic livelihoods and provide for the needs of their families.

The conference was therefore the culmination of a one-year pilot project that aimed to tackle sexual violence using new and innovative methods such as an incubator to scale up northern food innovations, a campaign to to encourage men to participate in alleviating the burden of domestic work on their wives, publication of a policy guide to address gender mainstreaming issues in Ghana’s entrepreneurial policies and a digital market as well as a market physical location where the products of these women entrepreneurs will be sold.

Speaking at the forum, the keynote speaker, the Hon. Shani Alhassan Saibu, regional minister of the North, noted that the government is associated with the forum and the theme because investing in building an entrepreneurial culture in the country is essential for national development.

Social Business Forum Held in Tamale to Unlock Women's Wealth Creation Potential

“Creating businesses that tackle social problems is a step in the right direction and would be one of the lasting panaceas to most of the problems we face as a people. I agree with that because such business models tend to be relatively sustainable over the very long term, ”he said.

Anatu Ben-Lawal, Gender Director at Africa Skills Hub, explained why, as an organization, it chooses to take a new approach to tackling sexual and gender-based violence by raising the socio-economic status of women in North.

“We live in uncertain times,” she addressed the audience, “the Covid pandemic has changed the world of work, and the long overdue shift in donor funding has come to an end.

“It’s time for us Africans to stand up and start developing innovative products and models that are self-reliant and income-generating – the story of the woman of the North since I was born over forty years ago has remained the same, and we as an organization are determined to change that.

Wealth creation is the only sustainable approach that will reduce women’s vulnerability to the various elements that constitute sexual violence as we know it. But, unfortunately, it calls for a shift from donor reliance to business approaches that don’t always resonate with people, but it’s not like we have a choice. “

Social enterprise forum held in Tamale to unleash the wealth creation potential of women

Panelists shared varied views on improving the business environment for young entrepreneurs, especially women. In addition, they discussed untapped areas of social value creation for young people in the North region.

The panel included representatives from Africa Skills Hub, WEE North, SWIDA, HOPin Academy, Northern Development Authority, Ghana Enterprises Agency and SEND Ghana.

In attendance were the executive directors of Africa Skills Hub and Norsaac Ghana, stakeholders from government institutions and departments, international non-governmental organizations, local non-governmental organizations, media and traditional authorities around Tamale.

Africa Skills Hub’s groundbreaking research on the impact of Covid-19 on gender equality, women’s empowerment and the emergence of new opportunities through business and innovation will be published in October 2021.

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