Social enterprise Da-Mogu opens online store for knitted hats

ZAGREB, November 26, 2021 – After running a successful crowdfunding campaign, social enterprise Da-Mogu has launched an online store at where knitted hats can be purchased, the company reported on Friday.

The crowdfunding campaign was recently conducted to help people with low employability, especially those most affected by the coronavirus pandemic, to find employment, especially through knitting, “which empowers and lifts morale”.

Since the launch of this initiative, 19 knitters have teamed up to design hats and start production.

The company deals with craftsmanship and is part of a slow fashion movement aimed at taking care of social aspects, quality materials, the protection of man, the environment and animals.

It advocates the employment of people who have difficulty finding a job, such as the disabled, the elderly and people looking for a first job.

The crowdfunding campaign secured funding to employ two disabled knitters and by exiting the market, the company hopes to employ more knitters.

The project has included beneficiaries from the Center for the Elderly and Disabled in Zagreb and so far ten knitters from mainland Croatia have been included in the project. Several professional knitters help by providing additional training and inventory when demand increases.

“Over time, we hope to include knitters from other parts of Croatia, and possibly beyond,” said company director Tatjana Aćimović.

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