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CHICAGO–(COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Today, Siemens unveiled the Siemens Digital Enterprise Showcase at the Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute (DMDII) in Chicago. This showcase is designed to help industrial manufacturers observe and explore a functioning digital business so that they can better understand its potential value to their own organizations.

Siemens has been a leading partner with DMDII since its inception, with an emphasis on joint collaboration with government, industry and academia. Partners are working to solve some of the most difficult questions manufacturing faces today through the call for projects process established by DMDII. Siemens Digital Enterprise Showcase creates a hands-on environment to demonstrate how digitization can help answer questions such as how manufacturers can extend the digital twin strategy across the value chain, including the supply chain and the factory , to achieve clear results; how to optimize human-systems integration; how to carry out organizational transformations to take full advantage of the potential of the digitization of the value chain; and how to educate the American workforce on digital manufacturing and design technologies.

“Siemens and DMDII share a vision of transforming American manufacturing,” said Raj Batra, president, Digital Factory US, Siemens. “By working with DMDII and its partners, we can create the tools and technologies to help solve today’s most pressing manufacturing challenges and help US businesses become more competitive through digital technologies. The Siemens Digital Enterprise Showcase is an example of how Siemens and DMDII are teaming up to innovate in manufacturing innovation.

The fourth industrial revolution is underway, so it is vital for OEMs and suppliers to take a holistic approach to the entire product lifecycle process, from ideation to production design and all the way. long use of the product. Digitization and automation of the entire workflow can help provide a long-term competitive advantage and are essential steps in creating ‘digital twins‘ – that is, virtual models that duplicate and simulate actual properties and performance of physical products, production lines and processes. Whether it’s a process maker, a low-key maker, or a hybrid, the key to staying competitive is to use digitization to connect operations across the product lifecycle, and the Siemens Digital Enterprise Showcase shows how this can be done.

“With its digital business software suite, Siemens offers businesses a comprehensive set of hardware and software solutions to establish their digital business,” said Bob Jones, senior vice president and general manager, Americas, Siemens. “Siemens Digital Enterprise Showcase at DMDII provides a hands-on opportunity to see how these solutions can help play a bigger role in the future Internet economy brought by Industry 4.0. ”

Siemens ‘digital business showcase includes kiosks with automation and software demonstrations of the digital business software suite, which is Siemens’ response to the technological demands of the digital age. Software suites such as Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), MOM (Manufacturing Operations Management), and Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) provide the functionality required to remove barriers and merge engineering disciplines that can connect shop floor operations to enterprise level of a manufacturing organization.

DMDII was established in 2014 as a partnership between industry, academia, government, and non-profit organizations. Among the consortium members are global manufacturing experts and leading software companies working together to enable interoperability throughout the supply chain, develop enhanced digital capabilities to design and test new products. and reduce the costs of manufacturing processes in several sectors. To help support the lab and its mission, Siemens provided an in-kind grant of its digital design and manufacturing software with a commercial value of more than $ 80 million. In addition to the new digital showcase at DMDII, Siemens implemented an automation controlled conveyor system and virtual commissioning system to provide hands-on experience by bringing digital and real production together into one. Siemens is also a supporting member of the DMDII Workforce Development Program designed to educate the U.S. manufacturing sector about digital manufacturing and design and the benefits it brings to industry.

Siemens Digital Factory (DF) offers a comprehensive portfolio of seamlessly integrated hardware, software and technology services to help manufacturing companies around the world improve the flexibility and efficiency of their manufacturing processes and reduce the time to market of their products. DF’s PLM Software business unit is a leading global provider of product lifecycle management (PLM) and manufacturing operations management (MOM) software, systems and services with more than 15 million workstations under license and more than 140,000 customers worldwide. Based in Plano, Texas, Siemens PLM Software works collaboratively with its customers to deliver industry-specific software solutions that help businesses around the world gain sustainable competitive advantage by delivering the innovations that matter. For more information on Siemens PLM Software products and services, visit

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