Scotcoin Network Joins Greater Good Glass Social Enterprise

A SOCIAL company that began to create desirable objects from ethically sourced Scottish hardwood, reclaimed whiskey wood and weathered old wood has grown into the window and door market.

And Greater Good Glass (GGG) – a spin-off of Greater Good Wood (GGW) – plans to offer customers of both Scotcoin companies an ethical and security-focused online digital currency that can be spent in either of the business opportunities.

Joe Myles founded GGW two years ago upon his return to Scotland from a career in risk management, and uses his profits to provide volunteer advisory services to small businesses and charities.

He and his longtime friend and window fitter Dougie Smith started GGG after being disappointed with the overload he witnessed in the area.

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“Dougie was tired of working for people, tired of all the overcharging, and he would see the difference my job made for me and my sanity and how well my family is doing,” Myles said.

“And that’s when we came up with the idea of ​​Greater Good Glass, which only transfers the principles of Greater Good Wood to what has traditionally been a predator.”


“What we do is install double glazing and doors, the best you can get on the market. But we don’t have vendors, we use no-pressure tactics, we won’t be camping in your house.

“We just measure ourselves up and send you a price that you can think about and you can get back to us whenever you want. The response has been absolutely amazing, especially from women and the elderly. ”

Myles attributes this to the fact that they treat people the way he and Smith or their families would like to be treated, which includes not “mansplaining” their clients.

Both companies use part of their profits to support charities and community groups across Scotland.

Scotcoin – a community interest company (CIC) – is gearing up to take its place in crypto exchanges, and Myles has said GGG and GGW will offer it to their customers.

“What we’ve agreed is that for every pound a customer spends with us, they’ll get two Scotcoins, and those Scotcoins can be used to buy Greater Good Wood and Greater Good Glass stuff up front, until that they are on the exchange.

“We may need to limit the Scotcoin on Greater Good Glass, because if we get a payout of £ 10,000, we can’t really monetize that yet, so we’re going to have to limit it a bit.

“It’s not a one-size-fits-all offering, it’s something we want to do as a company in the future. We want it to work.

“I love Scotcoin and I love what they do.”

Temple Melville, director of the Scotcoin project, said he was delighted that the two companies are joining their network.

He added: “Their work is truly inspiring and inventive. We feel a great kinship with social enterprises like Greater Good Glass, imbued with creativity and which in turn use that creativity to bring good to their community. They do this in all their initiatives.

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“For us, there is huge momentum for Scotcoin right now as we increase the network of outlets that are able to take Scotcoin in full or partial payment for goods and services.

“The membership process is very user-friendly and each new partner becomes a valued member of the Scotcoin network.”

The National is offering 1,000 Scotcoin to all existing subscribers and anyone who subscribes by 11:59 p.m. on November 17 – for as little as £ 2 for two months.

More information can be found on our website or by contacting stewart.ward @ by email.

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