Riverdance star Michael Flatley supports North East social enterprise Nuvo Wellbeing

Riverdance star Michael Flatley has been announced as the sponsor of a program by an award-winning social enterprise in the North East to provide free dance lessons to talented young people.

Mr. Flatley will work with Nuvo Wellbeing, which was established by Bethany Ainsley in 2008 to improve fitness levels and mental wellbeing for people, communities and employers.

The organization has already reached over 36,000 people through a wide range of dance and physical activity initiatives, primarily in low-mobility communities in economically disadvantaged areas.

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Now her Make Your Move program, which was launched with private and philanthropic funding, aims to provide free dance lessons to gifted and talented children as well as grants to help young dancers develop creative community projects in their areas. .

Ms Ainsley, former Young Businessman of the Year at the Journal’s North East Business Executive Awards, said: ‘Nuvo’s success is built on the principles of improving activity levels and well-being in a fun way and accessible in some of the country’s most underserved communities and has been recognized nationally.

“Our partnership work has also provided overseas opportunities in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States with our training partner company ActivCare.

“When I met Michael and his wife Niamh recently, it was clear that he shared this vision of civic well-being and the innovation that can come from dance. We are delighted that he has agreed to be our global patron for the launch year of Make Your Move and I know this will help us have a greater impact for the thousands of children, young people and older people whose lives we seek to reinvigorate.”

Mr. Flatley said: “I have been very impressed with Bethany’s passion and determination to use dance in such creative ways to help disadvantaged communities. I am delighted to lend my support and I know it will be a national success.

“Anything that fills the hearts of young people who are passionate about dance and giving back is a good cause. Hopefully, we can fill hundreds of spaces in dance studios, and even on the streets, with a generation of those enabled by Bethany and her growing army of dance champions.

Make Your Move launched this month to celebrate Nuvo Wellbeing’s 13th anniversary. It will seek to establish 10 gifted and talented academies and fund 10 new creative dance projects by 2022, starting in deprived areas of the North East and Midlands.

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