Praise for social enterprise helping at-risk Suffolk youth with music technology

Musician and participant – Noise Solution

Submitted by Noise Solution

The award judges praised Noise Solution, an internationally renowned social enterprise that helps young people in Suffolk and Essex struggling with their mental health.

Noise Solution has been shortlisted at this year’s Music and Drama Education Awards in London, for its work with at-risk young people facing complex issues.

It combines professional musician mentors and young people, and they use music technology, beat making, among other things, as a tool to improve participants’ confidence, motivation and well-being.

Noise Solution, which is based in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, and runs online and in-person sessions across East Anglia, was highly praised for the Rocksteady Award for Progressive and Inclusive Music Education, at the ceremony awards ceremony on March 23.

The award recognizes progressive music education projects or programs that aim to challenge the norm, break down barriers, and make music education accessible to all.

The judges looked for evidence of a child-led approach that had a significant and demonstrable impact on the lives of those involved, while bringing something new to music education.

Simon Glenister, CEO and Founder of Noise Solution, said: “It’s always great to be recognized for what we do, although the greatest reward for us happens every day when we can see the transformation of life. young people we work with. with.

“We’ve worked hard to figure out how to achieve such a positive impact, and the stories we hear every week from those whose lives have been changed inspire us to keep growing and reaching even more young people.”

Simon Glenister, CEO and Founder of Noise Solution, at the Music and Drama Education Awards Ceremony

Services are provided by professional musicians on an individual basis, either online, in person, or a mixture of the two depending on the circumstances of the individual.

Each participant is paired with a musician and has access to an online platform. Musicians and attendees then capture highlights from each session using audio, photos, video and text to develop an individual digital story or weekly “feed” of their growing success.

Participants record a weekly reflection of their thoughts and feelings about the process, creating their own digital story, capturing their successes using video, photos and audio.

They invite people to view their feed, which they have identified as important to them. This allows young people to feel seen by those close to them, which values ​​them and allows them to internalize their new feelings of success.

Noise Solution has been working with schools, local authorities, alternative education providers and other statutory bodies since 2010, and they regularly refer their hardest to reach young people to its services.

It also uses social media and the reach of its newsletter to find new attendees, with paid spaces being occupied within minutes of being offered.

Funding may come from contracts obtained by Noise Solution, but the majority of work is commissioned by schools, local authorities or mental health trusts. The program can also be paid for privately.

Last year, Noise Solution won the Building Public Trust Award for Impact in Social Enterprise 2021 from PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) and the Arts and Health Award from the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH).

Learn more about Noise Solution here.

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