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IIM-Udaipur Launches First-Ever Masters Program in the Field; MoU with companies for collaboration

Taking the lead in promoting digital business management, the Indian Institute of Management, Udaipur, launched the first-ever master’s program in the field to equip professionals with a working knowledge of emerging technologies and acclaimed practices.

Advisory board

The institute has also set up an academic advisory board to develop the new course.

The 12-month residential course curriculum has been prepared in consultation with industry experts. IIM-Udaipur Director Janat Shah said The Hindu Sunday that the program would enable professionals to work effectively in emerging digital businesses where conventional management concepts and leadership styles were no longer relevant.

IIM-Udaipur has signed memoranda of understanding with some leading companies for collaboration in educating its students in digital knowledge. Prof Shah said this approach would help bridge the gap between academia and industry and give students the opportunity to get a good start and enter the workforce with the relevant experience.

“As the industries are ahead of us, an association with them will train our students – who will be professionals with three years of experience – in behavior and organizational strategies in all disciplines as well as topics related to analysis and news. digital technologies. transformation, ”said Professor Shah.

Other MoUs are in preparation for collaborations focused on the strategic and practical challenges of managing digital businesses.

“For example, IBM will provide students with relevant exposure to cutting-edge technologies, including artificial intelligence and advanced analytics, and provide a platform for short-term projects in the digital space,” said the director of IIM-Udaipur.

IIM-Udaipur, established in 2011, is currently ranked fifth in India for management research, according to the methodology used by the University of Texas at Dallas. The institute has established a Center for the Digital Enterprise to create an enabling environment for thought leadership in digital transformation and to expand research opportunities in the field.

Starts in April 2020

Professor Shah said that the IIM-Udaipur Board of Governors formally approved the establishment of the Academic Advisory Board at its meeting held over the weekend. The new masters program, for which admissions started on the basis of the GMAT / GRE score, will start in April 2020.

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