Meet IncomeMax, the social enterprise helping vulnerable people across the UK find new income

The UK has one of the strongest economies in the world due to its manufacturing, service, construction and tourism sectors. Despite its prosperity, statistics show that millions of British residents fall below the poverty line. This social issue prompted entrepreneur Lee Healey to set up the UK community benefit company IncomeMax to help people find new income, claim the benefits they are entitled to and make better financial decisions. According to Healey, social enterprise was created to “treat people better, care for them, and help them get the support they need.”

Healey, who is trained as a benefits adviser for the Department for Work and Pensions, founded IncomeMax in 2009. Over a decade the business has grown and now employs 30 full-time staff. He and his team have also helped vulnerable people find over 30 million in new income.

The company’s vision had a ripple effect. This not only helps households in need, but it also paves the way for the government to welcome more people and for the community to have a sense of awareness of what is happening. This, in turn, allows Healey and the team to continue. “I became more and more passionate about embracing vulnerability and helping government find ways to help people thrive. I am a passionate campaigner through my work with IncomeMax on social media for a kinder, more compassionate social security system,‘ Healey said.

IncomeMax’s business model has proven to be successful and has resulted in the company receiving numerous awards and accolades. Its most recent award came from the British Credit Awards 2022, where the company won the innovation and technology award. IncomeMax also won Best Outsourcing and Partnering Initiative: Solutions for Vulnerable Clients and Vulnerable Client Strategy of the Year: Debt Counseling at the 2020 Credit Awards.

It’s not just vulnerable families who find value in IncomeMax, but even its corporate partners are feeling the social and economic benefits of working with the company. “We are proud to have worked with IncomeMax for over three years to provide the SSE Benefit Entitlement Verification Service. During this period, more than 4,000 customers have been helped, and more than 7.8 million have been identified in addition to income. We look forward to continuing the work we have done together to ensure our most vulnerable customers have access to the expert support and advice provided by IncomeMax,says Tanya Robertson, Customer Service Manager at SSE.

True to its core values, IncomeMax reinvests its profits to benefit the people for whom it was created. Healey himself consistently donates a large amount to various charities through IncomeMax. He believes that dedicating his life to helping vulnerable people maximize their income is the path to a better society.

Lisa Kelly
Senior Journalist


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