Malawi hails Scottish Government for developing social enterprise sector

Deputy Agriculture Minister Madalitso Kambauwa -Wirima commended the Scottish Government for the role it is playing in developing the social enterprise sector in Malawi.

Kambauwa-Wirima observed that the Malawi Scotland Partnership (MaSP), with the support of the Scottish Government, has continued to build strong links between the two countries in many areas of development, including social enterprise.

She shared her feelings on Friday at the MaSP 2022 symposium held in Lilongwe.

The Deputy Minister said that Malawi is aware of the critical role that social enterprises play in this country in contributing to economic growth and inclusion.

She said the journey to support social enterprises cannot just focus on entity-building efforts, but on gender balance, saying each individual can vote with their resources to help drive the lasting social change.

Kambauwa-Wirima said social enterprises are helping to tackle today’s major social challenges including poverty, social exclusion and unemployment, saying Malawi faces many challenges such as overpriced fertilizers and diseases such as cholera, malaria due to unsanitary conditions.

She said Malawi needed partners like Scotland to innovate together and share digital experiences, saying this was the only way to move towards a better future by encouraging all not to forget women as they were developing their social enterprises.

The Deputy Minister said that as social enterprises generate value that benefits local communities and society as a whole, scaling up their social impact is not in the interest of Malawi Scotland Partnership, but also from the Government of Malawi.

“The government will support the scaling up of social enterprises in this country to help them attract new customers, develop new products and diversify into new markets, among others,” Kambauwa-Wirima said.

She expressed hope that if Malawi can innovate and create viable businesses, it can secure markets in Scotland and solve many of the social problems people face today.

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