Kilwaughter Minerals Wins Top Prize for Larne Social Enterprise Partnership



The coveted honor, which is awarded to an organization demonstrating excellence in social responsibility, was announced at a virtual ceremony attended by over 200 guests from social enterprise, private, and corporate sectors. public and education, and moderated by NI Social Enterprise Ambassador Cate Conway. .

For nearly 20 years, the Mineral Quarry and Processor have benefited from a business and social partnership with Access Employment Limited (AEL), which helps people with disabilities, health issues and social disadvantages find meaningful employment. .

During this period, the partnership has enabled nearly 300 adults with additional needs in Larne and the surrounding area to gain beneficial insight into construction and manufacturing work, learn new skills, strengthen their self-confidence and explore options for new career and educational opportunities.

Kilwaughter Minerals is named Social Enterprise NI Awards Participant of the Year.

Fiona Byrne, Head of Organizational Development at Kilwaughter Minerals, said: “Here at Kilwaughter, we believe our local communities should benefit from our presence. Commitment to social value is in our DNA and our business strategy has been built around the inclusion of the social enterprise sector. ‘. “

Explaining how AEL is an integral link in Kilwaughter’s supply chain, Fiona continued, “AEL is now responsible for the manufacture and distribution of over 50% of our K Rend tile samples, which are often the whole. first point of contact we have with potential customers.

“As a trusted partner, we know that we rely on AEL to manufacture products to the highest possible standards and specifications, which enables customers to make an informed decision regarding their product needs and ultimately helps them achieve. choose Kilwaughter as your supplier of choice. “

Initially focused on manufacturing samples for the K Rend brand of Kilwaughter, AEL’s mandate has grown simultaneously with the growth of Kilwaughter over the past decade and now supports other segments, K Systems and Kilwaughter Lime.

David Hunter, CEO of AEL.

David Hunter, Managing Director of Access Employment Limited, which was honored as ‘Social Leader of the Year 2021’ at the Social Enterprise NI Awards, said: As social enterprises are in their infancy in Northern Ireland and long before social value was seen as a measurable part of business success.

“What started as the outsourcing of a function all these years ago has evolved into a multi-faceted partnership where one organization is almost synonymous with the other in our local community. “

David, who has headed AEL for the past decade, continued: “There is no other organization in the County Antrim area that has social impact, empowers the social sector or improves the lives of local residents like Kilwaughter. Minerals, and no other company more deserves the “Participant of the Year” award.

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