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Administrator, Hope Academy, Sashila Ozukum and others at Jaong Company launch at Tourist Lodge, Dimapur on November 26. (Photo Morung)

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Dimapur | November 26

An online business “Jaong Company” was launched at Tourist Lodge, Dimapur on November 26th.

Hope Academy Dimapur administrator Sashila Ozukum, who launched the online business in her speech, said Nagaland state is still new to business creation and entrepreneurship.

Sashila observed that in business and entrepreneurship, the Naga tend to expect quick returns or profits and become impatient and usually give up if they get the expected profit even at the initial stage.

She encouraged local entrepreneurs not to give up easily and added that they are the heart of the state’s economy.

Owner of “Jaong Company” Lima Jamir said the online business is more like a “support company” to help people grow their businesses.

Stating that around 80 percent of Naga youth are unemployed, Jamir said the new company will provide services such as awareness campaigns, mentoring, advertising, customer service and delivery service.

The company also aims to help young entrepreneurs build confidence in their business and create a scientific system to work nonstop and help build their brand to excel both nationally and internationally, Jamir said.

He further said that the use of technology has increased and the traditional way of shopping will gradually become out of fashion.

Jaong Company would provide a solution for entrepreneurs to start their own virtual business and expand their market.

One of the unique services offered by the Jaong company is the “public to public service” where the company would provide a toll free number and the public could sell or transport their products and the pickup and delivery service would be provided by the Joang company. .

In addition, the company has informed that it will offer free discounts on the delivery service to the first 50 customers from December 1-3.

Jaong, taking the name of the founder’s great-grandfather, started as a small farm in 2018 in Yisemyong in Mokokchung district.

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