IIM Udaipur Hosts Offline Batch for MBA in Digital Business and Global Supply Chain Management

For the first time in the past two years, the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Udaipur held the offline inaugural ceremony of the 10th batch of its “One Year MBA – Global Supply Chain Management (GSCM)” program and the third batch of its ‘One Year MBA- Digital Enterprise Management (DEM)’, for the academic year 2022-23,

In his welcome address, Professor Janat Shah, Director of IIM Udaipur said, “Due to Covid-19, it is for the first time in two years that I welcome you to the offline sessions this year. It’s a pleasure to be back in class; face-to-face learning will always be the dominant mode of instruction for a leading management institute like ours. »

He added, “Our institute has completed ten years of a journey of transformation. From the beginning, we envisioned a world-renowned institute with a high level of integrity, transparency, global recognition, international rankings, consistency and a global commitment to excellence. One of the important pillars of IIMU is its research focus. For an academic institution, knowledge creation is very important and the future will be a research-driven world. As an institute, we want to be at the frontier of academic research. We have created a distinct identity in research by consistently ranking fourth, for three years, in the UT Dallas Business School Research Ranking of Indian b-schools. We have an ambitious “Vision 2030”, where we want to rank in the top 100 of UT Dallas, where there is currently no institute in our country.

Addressing the incoming group, main guest at the GSCM Program Inaugural Ceremony, Kamesh Mullapudi, Managing Director, Deloitte Consulting (US-India), said, “Introducing digital and technology into management was the need of the hour and IIM Udaipur was at the forefront of it. The recent pandemic involving the whole world has highlighted the complexity of managing and maintaining supply chains. Even the impact of situations in other countries like the war in Ukraine and supply chain disruptions have forced supply chain professionals to think about the increasingly important role they will play. The importance of analytics and digitization of operations has become critical.

At the DEM Program Inaugural Ceremony, keynote guest, CP Gurnani, CEO and Managing Director of Tech Mahindra, said, “The agility demonstrated in meeting the needs of global supply chain management and business transformations digital, the way the institute has integrated industry practitioners into academic learning is phenomenal. Digital and business transformation are two sides of the same coin.

He concluded by saying, “It all depends on your agility, not your age; it all depends on your apprenticeship and not on your diploma. He also said that “one can be successful if one can anticipate the future and be relevant to the future, whether that future is quantum computing, web 3.0, metaverse or blockchain. It doesn’t matter which technology solves the business problem, but the fact that you learn to explore the possibility of digital solving business problems. »

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