From stunts to social enterprise: how the pandemic has inspired some of us to pivot.

(The Magazine Plus Editorial): — Los Angeles, CA January 4, 2022 ( — Whether figuring out how to book the job or figuring out how to produce a feature film on a tight budget, stuntwoman turned Social Entrepreneur Michelle Jubilee Gonzalez is tackling big social issues with the kind of Imagineering most often found in the creative realm of the television and film industry. When the world came to a screeching halt in March 2020, Gonzalez capitalized on this newfound “free time” and channeled his philanthropic desire to help people and the planet into founding the nonprofit Paragon Institute of Innovation ( PII). Its mission is to fund R&D projects that support scale-up efforts for renewable energy, improved recycling methods, sustainable manufacturing, and economic development. Innovation is not restricted to the creative arts. It is a necessary ingredient for the longevity and resilience of any business that cares about adding value to its customers and customers and also helps to evolve the corporate culture to higher levels of ecological awareness.

Although not known to her peers as a scientist or engineer, her uncanny ability to galvanize teams and bring perspective to problem solving is certainly one of her most distinctive characteristics. strong among many others. History has shown us that sometimes the best solutions come from people who aren’t even “experts” in the field. This is the case of Gonzalez, who, although he does not have a doctorate. in materials science or systems operations, is certainly inventive with its techniques of brokering partnerships with brilliant minds in the field. Gonzalez has huge plans for the organization and is deeply committed to designing a new business paradigm with greener infrastructure and a laser focus to raise awareness at every stage of the supply chain.

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More recently, Michelle Gonzalez registered her trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office on December 8, 2021:

“Inspired by nature, nothing is wasted.”® is now a registered trademark of Michelle Gonzalez, North Hollywood, CA – December 28, 2021.

The brand aligns perfectly with PII’s mission to develop truly sustainable practices that generate a zero carbon footprint and 100% measurable impact for environmental and social beneficiaries. Gonzalez now has the right to protect the use of the slogan in the manufacture and distribution of several product categories, including but not limited to sporting goods, equipment accessories, and raw building materials. . Services that PII will also provide include sustainability advice, community outreach programs and job training for disadvantaged minorities. Use of the mark will be useful in helping consumers identify the value of green products, recognize smarter and more affordable consumer choices, and ultimately build loyalty with an organization that is not only dedicated to improving the planet , but also to their communities. Eco tiles, milk crates, containers, green plywood, foam, carpets, insulation, impact pads, soundboards and framing are just a few of the PII products that will be sold with the mark.

Gonzalez shared with us, “As someone who has worked in the imaginative problem-solving industry, I’ve been compelled to pivot my own creative mind to tackle the bigger problems that urgently require our focus, our energy and our inspired innovations. I founded the Paragon Institute of Innovation to build and lead by example when it comes to promoting greater diversity and inclusion in the STEM field while developing greener innovations to improve our products. renewable energy, our recycling systems and reinventing a more eco-responsible way of manufacturing products with reused materials. While researching the ecotourism and sustainability found in abundance in Costa Rica, the Paragon Innovation Institute was inspired to see how every part of nature serves a function, even when decomposed. I was in awe of how nature was showing me the answer in plain sight – how we too should follow her design by creating truly circular economies in which Nothing is lost.”

Michelle Gonzalez used Trademark Engine ( to facilitate her filing. “We are delighted to have been able to assist Michelle Gonzalez with her trademark application and we look forward to providing her with our full suite of automated brand life support,” said Brand Pilot Andie Trochesset. TrademarkEngine.

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