Fifty-year journey turns into a powerful virtual enterprise of global healing and integrity


(WorldFrontNews Editorial): – Dallas, Texas, July 21, 2021 ( – Dallas Texas, July 19, 2021. There is no doubt that it is amazing how much life is tied to wonderful design retrospectively. Dr Steven DavidSon, the Christ-based national leader who heads the nation’s largest self-sustaining virtual church, reflects on the ironies crafted over the past fifty years that have led to such a distinction. “I remember attending a US Air Force training course… It was during the Vietnam War. The instructor wanted us to know how deadly and devastating we are to the enemy compared to ground forces. He said, “The Marine can run a mile with a backpack and shoot a fly’s eye. You can not do this. But we fly over and drop a bomb and eliminate masses of enemies. There are Marines and Armies around the air base, therefore they hate us more.

The Amazing Things of David His Church, using web-based technologies, strategically targets areas of each continent where the gospel is scarce or where Christ-based education and counseling is needed to support Indigenous ministries. The result is a response rate of almost 70% of everything the department distributes to the general public. They surpassed their total reach of ten million in 2020 reaching over twelve million at the time of writing this July. The ministry averages the equivalent of attending Sunday church of thirty-five thousand or more each day.

But it goes beyond a Sunday service. “Absolutely, it is, Jesus has provided us with the daily pattern of reach and ministry. It is a daily disciple to acquire the skills and knowledge base for a powerful Christ-based life. It further encompasses our spiritual endowment to propagate Christ-based holistic healing (mind, body, relationships, and soul) and preparation for continued service with the ultimate of sacrifice as life givers in Him. This is accomplished through daily live social media programming, Christ-focused educational and other posts, and a Christ-based education and counseling website business.

Safer News from the world front:

When asked why they don’t target North America, DavidSon reveals what few recognize. “First, by the providence of God, he has directed our efforts, but it is also strategic. As shared previously, it is estimated that thirty percent of Protestant activity operates in the United States, where less than 4% of the world’s population resides. Based on our research, we believe this has resulted in masses of the most antagonistic and resilient behaviors unlike anywhere else on the planet, including a nation’s adherence to other religions.

As DavidSon’s ministry prepares to turn twenty-eight in the first week of August, he can’t help but reflect on the words of the Air Force training instructor fifty years ago. “It was prophetic and demonstrative of how God uses the sum total of our experiences to prepare us for the mission He gives us on earth. Today, fifty years after that military classroom experience, we are supporting missionaries on land we may never meet. Wherever they are and not. They have real-time technological “air support” that could not have been imagined a few years ago … and there is no doubt that there is a cosmic and insidious Enemy that cannot stand us for what we do … but we will continue until our Grand Commander tells us “Well done my good and faithful servants”. Amen…”

DavidSon has been a web-based ministry pioneer since 1997 leading the Christ-based ministry business of 18 websites, featuring non-apostate Christ-based counseling and education sites. Amazing Things The Church has been at the heart of the work for almost thirty years… There is daily live programming and many supportive resources available to the public: Church

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