ET Startup Awards: ET Startup Awards 2022: Nominees for Social Enterprise

This prize will reward the startup that best embodies the “double bottomline” model that combines profits and public good.

Company Name: Chakr Innovation


Kushagra Srivastava, CEO, Chakr Innovation

Founded in: 2015

Founders: Kushagra Srivastava

Situated at: Gurgram

Main investors: IAN Fund, IDFC Parampara, Neev-II Fund

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What he does: Chakr Innovation has created a device that can be retrofitted to diesel generators, to limit harmful emissions. It converts particles into inks and paints. The product can capture approximately 90% of particulate emissions. So far it has prevented four tonnes of PM from being released into the atmosphere.

Company Name: Digivriddhi Technologies

Ragavan Venkatesan, Founding CEO, DGV (1)ETtech

Ragavan Venkatesan, Founder and CEO

Founded in: 2019

Founders: Ragavan Venkatesan

Situated at: bangalore

Main investors: Omnivorous, Info Edge

What he does: Digivriddhi Technologies is an integrated dairy fintech that offers financial services to dairy farmers, making it easier for them to access loans to purchase livestock and meet their working capital needs. It directly connects farmers and lenders and also provides a discovery-driven marketplace for selling livestock.

Company Name: Insurance Brokers Gramcover Private Limited

Jatin Singh, Founder, GramCover (2).ETtech

Jatin Singh, Founder, GramCover

Founded in:2016

Founders: Jatin Singh, Dhyanesh Bhatt

Situated at: Noida

Main investors: Inflexor Ventures, Siana Capital management, Omidyar Network India

What he does: Gramcover offers a rural outlet partner network of over 5,000 correspondents for livelihoods and risk management insurance for marginal farmers. It helps them access the Centre’s crop insurance program as well as non-crop insurance products, including auto, livestock and health insurance from partner companies.

Company Name: Stellapps Technologies Private Limited

Ranjith Mukundan, Founder, Stellapps (1)ETtech

Ranjith Mukundan, Founder, Stellapps

Founded in: 2011

Founders: Ranjith Mukundan, Ravishankar Shiroor, Ramakrishna Adukuri

Situated at: bangalore

Main investors: Celesta Capital, Nutreco, IDH Farmfit Fund.

What he does: Stellapps uses IoT and data analytics to improve the dairy supply chain across milk production, procurement, cold chain, animal insurance and farmer payments. It offers business links to dairy farmers, earning a margin from its milk supply chain subsidiary, credit products and wearable animal health monitoring devices.

Company Name: banyan nation

Mani Kishore Vajipeyajula, CEO, Banyan Nation_1ETtech

Mani Kishore Vajipeyajula, CEO, Banyan Nation

Founded in: 2013

Founders: Mani Kishore Vajipeyajula & Rajkiran Madangopal

Situated at: Hyderabad

Main investors: India National Portal, USAID, Innovate for Digital India, CIIE, Artha

What he does: Banyan Nation is a plastic recycling company that converts plastic waste into recycled pellets. It uses proprietary plastic cleaning technology that removes inks, coatings and other contaminants using environmentally friendly detergents and solvents. The company aims to replace 100,000 tonnes of virgin polymers per year with recycled plastics by 2030.

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