Digital Enterprise Show Unveils Former US President Obama as Keynote Speaker

The 44th President of the United States will attend the Digital Business World Congress, to be held in Malaga, Spain, June 14-16, as part of the Digital Enterprise Show (DES2022).

DES2022 will bring together more than 12,000 delegates, 500 international experts and 300 exhibiting organisations.

The former US president will participate in a moderated Q&A conversation during the show’s keynote.

Under the slogan “Reimagine Business”, 500 experts from around the world will share their strategies, knowledge and success stories in applying technology to different sectors. The conference will include six vertical forums focused on different industries (Industry 5.0, Retail & Logistics, Healthcare, Smart Cities, Banking, and Tourism & Hospitality) and agendas focused on each professional profile (CEO, CIO, CMO, CDO, CFO and Human Resources).

In addition to the former US President, DES2022 will feature a long list of international experts such as Gunter Pauli, founder of ZERI (Zero Emissions Research and Initiatives), entrepreneur and leading specialist in the blue economy; Liz Parrish, who will present the progress of her research to develop a method that will reverse cell aging and help extend life expectancy; and Jesús Hernández Galán, Director of Accessibility and Innovation at the ONCE Foundation, who will analyze how technology can help people with disabilities increase their autonomy.

Among the 300 exhibitors are AWS, IBM, KPMG, Kyndryl, T-Systems, Arcopay, Codurance, Personio or even The Cube, which will present innovative technological solutions, such as Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Cybersecurity, Big Data, Virtual Reality, Blockchain or 5G, among others.

In recent years, Malaga has become a magnet for large international companies committed to innovation and digitalization. With the celebration of DES2022, the city reaffirms the strategy of internationalization and modernization that makes southern Spain an optimal point for investors from all over the world to stimulate job creation in the ICT sector and development of an economic model based on innovation. and talents.

DES2022 is an event of Nebext – Next Business Exhibitions in collaboration with the City Council of Málaga and the Junta de Andalucía. In five editions, it has become the largest European professional event on the digital transformation of companies.

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