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Digital business offer with forward-looking technologies for Industry 4.0

February 2019
IT in manufacturing

By expanding its portfolio of digital businesses and integrating future technologies, Siemens is advancing the digital transformation of discrete and process industries. “An ever-growing number of industrial companies, in particular SMEs, are on the right track towards Industry 4.0 and are already improving their competitiveness with digital solutions,” said Klaus Helmrich, member of the management board of Siemens. “This applies to all sectors of industry, with rapidly changing market demands in which products have to be produced increasingly quickly, flexibly and in decreasing quantities. With the continued integration of technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced computing into our portfolio, we are leading the way for the future of the industry.

Industrial advantage and AI

Industrial Edge is a concept designed by Siemens for discrete and process industries to enable machine-level data processing as an optimal complement to cloud computing with the open IoT operating system MindSphere. Users benefit from the integration and flexibility that the system allows for data analysis, either in the field or in the cloud, as required.

Siemens continues to support its customers in their digital transformation through the integration of AI technologies. The first AI applications have already been successfully implemented at Siemens’ own facilities: at the Siemens electronics factory in Amberg, for example. Here, Edge devices powered by AI are used to implement predictive maintenance measures, reducing unplanned machine downtime by 100% due to damage to motor bearings on PCB milling machines. Siemens is also launching a new module with an integrated AI chip for the Simatic S7-1500 controller. This enables functions such as quality controls and robotic handling processes to be optimized through the use of machine learning algorithms.

Innovations include the Sinamics G120X converter series, which has been optimized for pump and fan applications in the infrastructure industry. Using Sinamics Connect 300, these devices can also be linked to MindSphere, allowing users to optimize their maintenance processes and strategies by analyzing operating data collected from converters, powertrains and machines.

Sidrive IQ is a digital platform offered by Siemens for the analysis and use of drive system data. Based on networked Siemens drive systems, this cloud-based application is now also available for motors and converters in the medium and high voltage ranges.

At SPS Drives 2018, Siemens also presented three new application packages for MindSphere: Connect & Monitor, Analyze & Predict, Digitalize & Transform, all of which include comprehensive consulting services. These new packages will enable even faster and easier implementation of IoT projects by users, for example by speeding up connection, analysis and optimization of assets and by predicting and preventing unplanned downtime of assets. facilities. They will also simplify the development of new services and business models. The growing ecosystem surrounding MindSphere should also benefit users by allowing a high level of flexibility in the choice of infrastructure (Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Alibaba Cloud). By acquiring Mendix and its low-code platform, Siemens is helping small and medium-sized businesses in particular to develop their own applications. The number of members affiliated with the MindSphere World user organization continues to grow, currently numbering 37 in Germany and 18 in Italy.

Helmrich explained the importance of cooperation in the Age of Industry 4.0 using examples such as Siemens’ recent affiliation with Aruba in the area of ​​communication networks. Siemens has partnered with Aruba, a Hewlett Packard company, in a strategic partnership for integrated networks. Based on their portfolios of complementary products, they will support clients in the implementation of integrated communication networks, from factories to company offices.

Another example cited by Helmrich was the company’s extensive cooperation with Bentley Systems. The two companies recently announced their joint development of PlantSight Cloud Services, based on their highly complementary software portfolios. These services will allow users to access 1D / 2D / 3D data at any time through a simple web portal, thus providing all users with a constantly updated digital twin of a factory. In view of the long service life of the treatment plants and the ongoing investment projects, this offers a decisive advantage, in particular for plant operators.

As digital transformation progresses, cybersecurity is becoming a major success factor for a growing number of businesses. Here, Siemens offers a holistic industrial security concept based on products and services. As framework conditions and safety requirements can vary, tailor-made solutions are needed for different sectors of industry, from discrete manufacturing to process industries. Siemens is the first company in the world to obtain TÜV SÜD certification for the safe integration of process automation systems and drive solutions in accordance with the international standard IEC 62443-2-4.

The digital industry services offered by Siemens are designed to help customers in their work towards a personalized implementation of the digital business, from consulting to implementation to data analysis.

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