Building a Digital Business with HCI and Multi-Cloud – Webinar


Companies across all industries are exploring digital transformation to discover new avenues to their customers, new business opportunities, and improve operational efficiency. New emerging technologies require a faster and more flexible infrastructure to meet the needs of today’s customers.

To combat rapid technological change, very high customer expectations and the emergence of new business models, companies will need to realign their digital strategies to thrive in the future. To successfully implement digital transformation and deploy new applications, a private cloud is needed, which enables multiple applications and workloads.

In response to the changing business technology landscape, an increasing number of companies are adopting a multi-cloud strategy. A multi-cloud approach offers several benefits, such as improved performance, cost savings, vendor lockout avoidance, improved reliability, and reduced risk of DDoS attacks.

However, there are many challenges to effectively supporting a multi-cloud strategy within an enterprise, including ensuring the right skills of your staff, selecting the right tools to effectively manage services across multiple cloud environments, and effectively manage security and compliance in your private cloud, as well as managed environments across multiple cloud providers., in association with Nutanix, is hosting a panel discussion with industry experts to provide insight on how businesses can get the most out of a multi-cloud strategy.

Join us to identify the key drivers of business innovation and differentiation – applications and data – to drive a bold transformation in your organization.

Key talking points

  • Create a business case and start the journey to a multi-cloud model
  • Design a multi-cloud strategy that fits into your digital transformation roadmap
  • Familiarize yourself with the challenges and process of adopting multi-cloud
  • Understand why organizations are put off by the initial price of a multi-cloud platform
  • Meeting the ever-growing challenge of shadow IT Identifying the components of a high-performance multi-cloud data center


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    Rishi Aggarwal

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    Gaurav Pandey

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    Parna gosh

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    Ganesh Iyer

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