Brothers & Sisters becomes a social enterprise advertising agency | News

UK – Advertising agency Brothers & Sisters will become a social enterprise with all future profits going to charitable causes.

Social enterprises are organizations that trade but reinvest profits in charitable causes, with Brothers & Sisters already working with Grenfell Athletic FC, a football club created by Grenfell Members of the tower community after the disastrous fire in 2017.

The agency said it was amending its bylaws to state that all profits would be invested in social causes, and its corporate charter was amended to ensure that shares of the company could only be sold if its statute at non-profit is maintained. .

Brothers & Sisters said it was looking for other charity partners to reinvest profits into.

The company also released a film announcing its status as a social enterprise, directed by Rafael Damy and created in partnership with British production company Birth on a pro bono base.

Andy Fowler, Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Brothers & Sisters, said: “Being independent and with relatively modest means, we are well placed to experiment more radically with the business, and our customers are really supportive of that decision.

“The world faces many challenges, and we believe that creativity and kindness are always the answer. So, in our own little corner of advertising land, we are hacking the model of capitalism to become a force for good.

“The more successful we are as an agency, the more successful our clients, the more good we can filter into these soul projects.”

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