Brisbane takes over from the Social Enterprise World Forum


SEWF will be held in Australia in September 2022

Canada has officially passed the baton to Australia as the next host of the Social Enterprise World Forum (SEWF).

The closing of this year’s SEWF 2021 was marked by the handover, with next year’s co-organizers White Box Enterprises taking the opportunity to present a welcome video featuring some of the businesses in the region.

The team is committed to attracting 2,500 in-person visitors and 100,000 more online when the event takes place in Brisbane next September.

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It comes after the success of this year’s hybrid event – a first for the forum – which was hosted online with additional community hubs bringing people together in person.

Over 3,000 people from 131 countries and territories joined SEWF 2021, held in Nova Scotia, Canada.

With the digital format opening the event to more attendees, Helene Malandain, President of SEWF, said there was greater accessibility and diversity, with 30 of the speakers and delegates under 30, and 60 percent identifying as female, non-binary or trans.

One of the key themes of SEWF 2021 was Indigenous-Led Community and Social Enterprise, a theme that will continue through SEWF 2022.

Looking ahead, the Brisbane team said the SEWF 2022 program, designed by and for social enterprises, will include fireside chats, panels and discussions with live Q&A, guided masterclasses by experts, partner sessions, networking and a marketplace giving you the ability to connect, learn and be inspired.

White Box CEO Luke Terry previously said that SEWF 2022 would be a catalytic event, “providing a focal point for the emerging social enterprise sector in Australia and would also be an opportunity to create a legacy for long-term development. sector term “.

Early bird tickets are already on sale. Speakers will be announced in July and August 2022.

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