Blue Skies, LLC Launches Digital Business Consulting Services



LOS ANGELES–(COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Blue Skies, LLC, a southern California-based management consulting firm, today announced it has adopted a new service model to serve clients who must compete in an increasingly digital economy .

“Today our customers need initiatives to go from concept to results in six months or less,” said John Hoff, Managing Partner of Blue Skies. “Change is so rapid that the conventional approach to selecting and training a consulting firm is no longer viable.

Blue Skies’ customer base reflects its role as a global leader in the life sciences, media and entertainment industries. Businesses must balance the increasing complexity of their operations – driven by market forces, new technologies, data dependencies, regulatory requirements and global supply chain integration – with the accelerated pace of innovation . The double push of higher speed and greater complexity has increased the failure rate of business innovation and requires rethinking conventional consulting roles and models.

Blue Skies responded by dedicating team members to specific clients. Blue Skies invests the time necessary to learn the unique attributes of the customer’s business and organization and masters issues that others might miss while providing solutions in a specific context to each customer. And, by eliminating long periods of training and ramping up, Blue Skies can achieve positive results in a shorter time frame. A beneficial by-product of this approach is that Blue Skies gains knowledge and becomes more valuable to customers with each successive engagement.

“DTS Inc. looks to Blue Skies for in-depth industry knowledge and leadership in mapping customer opportunities for people, systems and processes to ensure DTS remains continuously focused on the success of its customers. Said Jess McKinley, vice president of business technology at DTS. “In the fast-paced world of digital entertainment delivery, speed to market is a major differentiator. Blue Skies provides expertise and business solutions that keep us one step ahead.

“Blue Skies helped us plan and execute the implementation of the new clinical trials system, associated business process changes to harmonize and streamline our processes globally and supported the change management effort. required to optimize adoption and the value of our investment. Said Randall Chiu, director of R&D information services at Allergan. “Blue Skies has been a great partner in this critical business initiative and has acted as a natural extension of our team. ”

At the heart of Blue Skies’ approach is ensuring that all initiatives and tactical work stay true to the strategic vision and business goals. “While each of our clients is unique, they are all participating in the digital economy,” added Hoff. “We have designed our consulting model to adapt to the realities of this new era and to provide digital business consulting services that provide our clients with the industry expertise, business processes and technology capabilities they need. to progress, compete and succeed.

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