Belfast-based company partners with social enterprise to provide work placements for people with learning disabilities and autism

A Belfast-based company has partnered with a social enterprise to provide digital work placements for people with learning disabilities and autism.

It is hoped that the connection between Allstate NI and the NOW Group will help “educate, raise awareness and support those affected by autism”.

The NOW Group Digital Academy is a 12-week placement plan that provides hands-on experience in Allstate NI’s contact center, which handles technical questions for company employees worldwide.

All State NI also provided training to more than 50 employees in 2021 aimed at developing their understanding of autism.

This comes as the IT company improves its diversity and inclusion practices to ensure that underrepresented members of society are both part of the company and have a voice in all policies and decisions.

Sabrina Lynch, who works on autism awareness within the company, said: “Making sure everyone feels comfortable, supported and represented in the workplace is everyone’s responsibility.

“Within the Ausome Committee, we work to educate, raise awareness and support people affected by autism.

“It’s refreshing to be given time that we can devote to training staff, adjusting our environment, and putting proper customer service processes in place to make Allstate a comfortable place for everyone. “

John Healy, vice president and general manager of Allstate NI, said “inclusive diversity has long been a core value” of the company.

“In 2022, we are working to make this the norm across all of our operations and hope it inspires a step change in the way we do things,” he said.

“We believe in holding each other accountable to embrace collective differences and individual characteristics, values ​​and beliefs, as well as backgrounds and experiences that give us new perspective and purpose.

“Operating this way helps everyone. It makes our people feel welcome, and in turn, we work harder, share better, and produce more innovative ideas when we’re accepted for who we are.

“Our success comes from many different voices, and we are committed to ensuring that each is recognized and represented.”

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