ADS Advance – Atkins to support AERALIS in digital enterprise implementation

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Published September 20, 2021 · add a comment

Atkins has entered into a strategic agreement with British military aircraft developer AERALIS, marking a key milestone in the development of AERALIS’ pioneering modular military aircraft.

Image courtesy of AERALIS

The agreement was put in place to provide unparalleled access to established UK aerospace resources, as well as to accelerate digital transformation to become a fully integrated digital business. A second agreement has been concluded with AERALIS and Siemens Digital Industries Software. Together, these two partnerships will provide AERALIS with the people and processes needed to rapidly develop its aircraft.

As an engineering delivery partner, Atkins will work with AERALIS to design and develop its family of modular aircraft, starting with the first pre-production aircraft, which is expected to fly in 2024. Atkins will provide multi-layered support, recruiting specialists for security assessments and specifications, integration and certification. In addition to supporting the requirements, detailed engineering design and selection processes for aircraft development, Atkins will also provide immediate access to its human factors specialists for concept cockpit development and data assimilation. of human performance.

The partnership with Atkins has secured a wealth of resources that will allow AERALIS to continue to broaden its horizons in the development of its advanced aircraft and will build on Atkins’ existing commitment to the UK aerospace and defence, bringing a proven track record of supporting many UK aerospace and defense companies and key programmes.

Tristan Crawford, CEO of AERALIS, said, “We are delighted to announce our collaboration with Atkins and Siemens, whose resources and capabilities are highly respected in the industry. This venture is built on a solid foundation of digital infrastructure and innovative technical support, and represents a significant step forward in aircraft development. We are thrilled to partner with Atkins and Siemens in this endeavor, using a deep well of resources and support to redefine modern jet design.

Dave Clark, Vice President, Aerospace and Defense at Atkins, said, “We are excited to work with AERALIS to help shape the development of cutting-edge aircraft design. Our use of new and emerging technologies, such as digital twins, allows the team to virtually test training jets before they are built, to reduce risk and gain efficiency. »

Siemens will provide software applications from its Xcelerator portfolio, which will enable AERALIS to connect a range of product lifecycle business processes to create an intelligent integrated digital enterprise, AERSIDE. This will be used by AERALIS and Atkins to connect to everything from aerospace vehicle design, production and assembly simulation, to maintenance, support modeling and training.

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