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Vertical Farm Tech Tyfu Twf in situ in a school

Tech Tyfu Twf Vertical Farm in a School

Popular Tech Tyfu Twf program uses vertical farming to inspire students to further their education and find employment in STEM subjects and teach skills in the workplace

We are thrilled to partner with Agxio to help us take our teaching to the next level. By collecting the school’s vertical agricultural data, we can extend the scope of the project to different areas. »

— Catherine Pearson, Tech Tyfu Twf Project Officer

ABERYSTWYTH, WALES, April 5, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Schoolchildren in Anglesey will get hands-on experience with cutting-edge technology thanks to a groundbreaking collaboration between the nonprofit Menter Môn’s Tech Tyfu project and Aberystwyth- based on AI Agritech, Agxio. Launched in spring 2021, the Tech Tyfu Twf initiative is already in place in four secondary schools following overwhelming demand from teachers following the success of the pilot, with plans to roll it out further across Wales.

Ysgol Uwchradd Caergybi’s overwhelmingly positive driver was part of an alternative learning program outside of the core curriculum. The school received a vertical farm, a full supply of consumables and expert support from project staff to design an educational project. The students grew their own produce and developed a salad bag to give away to parents, staff and local business owners.

Tech Tyfu Twf helps schools engage students in real-life projects, combining academic learning, engaging hands-on tasks, key skills development, and cutting-edge technology. Project staff help design and deliver tailored courses in vertical farming at all key high school stages, with flexible emphasis depending on program goals. A student shortage is shifting to science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) subjects, so the project uses current contexts such as climate change, business innovation and space exploration to inspire and keep his teaching exciting and relevant to the modern world.

Nia Wyn Jones, Deputy Director of Ysgol Uwchradd Caergybi, described the value of the program: “We are very fortunate to have received a vertical farm through the Tech Tyfu Twf program. The unit was led by a group of Grade 11 boys. In addition to growing healthy and tasty vegetables, the boys learned skills for the job, including entrepreneurship, proactive problem avoidance, problem solving, marketing, teamwork, communication efficient and clear and meeting deadlines.

The Tech Tyfu project is one of Menter Môn’s enduring community collaborations with businesses, communities, the public sector and individuals. Project Manager Catherine Pearson said of Tech Tyfu Twf, “We are delighted to partner with Agxio who will help us take our teaching to the next level. By collecting the school’s vertical agricultural data using Mercury and then Ceres platforms, we can extend the scope of the project to different areas, creating applications for computing, programming, data processing and engineering. Having a visual representation of the collected data allows students to develop a good understanding of how manipulating environmental variables will affect the growth of their crops and will help them formulate their own research questions.

Award-winning company Agxio is the Welsh Government’s strategic partner for Agritech Innovation and is already working with Tech Tyfu officials on vertical farming projects in North Wales. Its advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence platform, Mercury, is used to optimize controlled environment agriculture through the use of IoT sensor technology and automation, while reducing costs for the producers.

Catherine Pearson added: “We plan to extend the delivery and benefits of Tech Tyfu Twf to more schools in Wales by making digital content available for free, and we look forward to our continued partnership with Agxio to explore more areas of innovation in education”.

About Agxio
Agxio is a data science and machine learning company specializing in the biotechnology, life science and agricultural science industries. Founded in 2018 by a team of award-winning technologists, scientists, entrepreneurs and practitioners, Agxio has developed a range of expert AI applications that deliver advanced, beyond-human-scale solutions to solve complex and concrete business problems.

About Menter Mon / Tech Tyfu
Menter Môn is a non-profit social enterprise that works with businesses, communities, individuals and the public sector to deliver meaningful and innovative projects across North Wales, including Tech Tyfu. Since 2020, Tech Tyfu has completed a range of controlled-environment agriculture projects that use hydroponics to support business development, create local food supply chains, and showcase innovation in STEM education.

About Mercury
Mercury uses applied machine learning to deliver real-world solutions for traditional and enclosed agricultural businesses. The platform ingests sensor data using monitoring and analytics to create smart solutions to tough problems in minutes. Sensor intelligence is at the heart of this system, tracking and analyzing real-time data to solve farm-scale problems in land and livestock management, sustainability and business efficiency. agricultural.

About Ceres
Ceres is a monitoring and control platform that optimizes growing conditions in controlled environment agricultural systems. Through sensor analysis and applied machine learning, Ceres is able to intelligently monitor key factors that influence plant growth, such as light, temperature, humidity, nutrient availability, and plant growth. ‘water. Growers can set optimal ranges for growing conditions and receive real-time alerts to adjust environmental settings if needed. Crop health and growth are optimized while yields are enhanced to achieve high productivity and efficiency.

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