2020 Predictions: Key Trends That Will Shape The Autonomous Digital Business



As 2019 draws to a close and we envision innovation trends in 2020 and beyond, technological advancements in hyper-automation, AIOps, advanced computing and the convergence of the IT service management and IT operations management will be in the foreground.

Autonomous digital business

In order to thrive in the future landscape of 2025, organizations will need to evolve into Autonomous Digital Enterprises (ADEs), a state where intelligent, integrated, and value-creating functions can operate with minimal (ideally zero) human involvement or interference, in all facets of the organization and its ecosystem of partners.

This concept is based on the idea that every company today is disrupted by technology and that this fundamentally changes its economic model. The notion that every company is a technology company means that software becomes more than just a recording system to be the action system, the information system and the engagement system.

Edge computing and IoT

Over the next two years, partnerships will prove to be the path to success in realizing the value of advanced computing and IoT solutions. By using out-of-the-box, multi-vendor, and seamlessly integrated business solutions, businesses will be more successful than they would with niche, single-vendor products. Ultimately what we need is an ecosystem of integrated solutions rather than a single silver bullet. This ecosystem will be able to leverage and examine the data in meaningful ways and translate the insights into insights that will then translate into actions that companies can take to optimize the use of IoT assets.

Convergence of IT service management and IT operations management

As IT service management and IT operations continue to converge in 2020, CIOs will rely on AI. More than ever, CIOs will need to grapple with this convergence and work to break down the silos between these departments. To get a complete view of the IT landscape, CIOs will begin to embrace AI, the automation of cognitive and robotic processes. This will bring end-user support and managed back-end infrastructure closer together.

If we look beyond traditional IT and service management, in the near future we will have the ability to market fully integrated solutions that enable borderless operations between AppDev, SecOps, ITOps and service management. . This will further enable the use of DevOps in organizations using the power of AI to enhance existing capabilities and build new capabilities. This doesn’t mean that businesses should start from scratch with AI efforts, but rather that they should look for software solutions that can deliver pre-built AI / ML solutions that drive change.


The demand for AIOps in the enterprise will continue to increase as AI and machine learning have taken the industry by the jugular. Due to an increase in the number of workloads, both in the public cloud and on-premises, and an increase in application complexity, investments in AIOps will increase and ultimately lead to better business results. Today’s challenges place great emphasis on differentiated vendor solutions powered by AI / ML and big data analytics techniques that can help modern IT operations move from traditional surveillance to observability and actuability.

All of these trends open up possibilities for what businesses can achieve in 2020, provided they can harness the massive amounts of data businesses have access to and the technology that will enable them to unlock that information.

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– Ram Chakravarti


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